Wednesday, 23 April 2014

project room for the boy: ta-dah

The finishing touches in William's room are now complete. 

I'm a little bit excited by this space. It's pretty much exactly as I had pictured in my head, with few changes to the original plans.

You can see the before here.

The room is focused completely on William's interests. He is a little explorer at heart and I wanted the space to reflect and encourage this.

The original intention was to get a little vintage desk for in-front of the blue wall but, since following along with 30 Days to Transform Your Play over at An Everyday Story, I've been thinking more about William's play style. He's a mover and a rummager. I changed my mind about the desk and opted for some cube storage. It is the perfect area to display items of discovery plus all those factual books and more suited to William's learning style. 
The reading corner has been kept simple with a beanbag and a basket for story books in the corner. 

The wall art has been reorganised with the addition of some new pieces, including a washi tape W and William's birthday card from last year. I ordered it from a friend who creates beautiful illustrations. You can see more of her work here.  

And then... there's the wall sticker planets! This is something I've been wanting to do for a while and am thrilled with the overall effect. There has however been some sticking issues and I am currently in the process of gluing them all to the wall.

Eventually, I plan to do something above the bed's headboard. Possibly a large wooden W but that will be a project to think about in the future.

Overall, I think we have achieved a good balance of eclectic. It all seems to work together without there being one particular theme.

It's no longer a baby room but somewhere for William to develop and grow. I can't imagine William growing out of the space any time soon and there's enough for it to look complete but with plenty of scope to add or easily change.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

spring break

Easter break was filled with mini adventures. 

Simple and spare of the moment, largely sum-up what it was all about. 

The outing I loved most was a little road trip to Skegness; a wander along a windy beach, a spot of shell hunting and the eating of a portion of chips whilst sitting on a slightly damp wall... I don't know why I love this kind of thing but I so utterly do.

Mid-holidays... family time was put on hold.

William entertained his Grandparents whilst Andy and I travelled to Northumberland for a Spring Wedding at Doxford Hall.

I kind of fell in love with the surrounding area. Had we had an extra day, I would have happily gone exploring. We have definite plans to go back up on a little family trip, possibly around next Easter.

As for the wedding... it was great to see a couple of old faces but also get to know a few new ones too. The belly pork served at the Wedding Breakfast was so ridiculously good (and I don't even like belly pork). There were plenty of frolics, a lot of laughs and some crazy dancing to top it all... thanks to the Bride and Groom for an amazing day, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

The top left picture (which I sneaked a shot off) was set up by Gillian Cross Photography. Andy is bottom left.

Spring Break was rounded off with a visit to The Seal Sanctuary in Mablethorpe.

We were more than pleasantly surprised by what was on offer. For a little boy, obsessed with anything pre-historic, the Dinosaur Fossils and Ice Age Cave couldn't have gone down better.

We went round twice!

The big bonus was the sudden nice weather and the fact that The Seal Sanctuary was right next to the beach. How could you not go for a wander down to the sea with all those factors in place? Even Andy was up for it! For someone who is notoriously grumpy about anything beachy, getting him down to the coast twice in one month is nothing short of a miracle.

The Carr household is now well on its way to officially being back to normal. Andy is back on shift after his post detachment leave and William starts a new term at preschool on Wednesday.

Perhaps I will even find a little routine of my own.

Hoping everybody had a lovely Easter Break and aren't feeling too sick on chocolate eggs, we have certainly eaten our fair share ;)

Friday, 18 April 2014


... weeks 15 & 16, 2014

 Exploring natural playdough with William.

Loving the 30 Days to Transform Your Play series over at An Everyday Story.

 Road-tripping to the coast.

 Attending a beautiful, Spring wedding up north.

Waiting for a dinosaur egg to hatch.

Watching Game of Thrones.

Reading Antony Gormley by Martin Caiger-Smith.

Pinning all things Spring.

Looking forward to getting back into regular blogging after this Easter weekend.

Sunday, 6 April 2014


...week 14, 2014
Making little cards ready for Easter.

Enjoying meals out with amazing friends.

Saving this idea for making the most of left over fresh herbs.
Eating jerk chicken.

Watching The Voice UK final.

Disagreeing about curtains.
Loving that William won his preschool's 'design an egg competition' with his dinosaur nest creation.

Needing to do a couple more finishing touches to William's bedroom and then his room is done.

Having a little blogging break whilst William's on his Easter holidays.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

loved it, pinned it, did it

There's no denying, I love a bit of Pinterest. Here's a few of my favourite crafty tutorials which I have pinned and made recently.

Washi Tape Monogram Art from Lia Griffith, Handcraft Your Life.

Super Cute Animal Pouches from Handmade Charlotte.

Homemade Journal from A Beautiful Mess.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

an organised kitchen

One of my actions/resolutions for the year was to be more organised in the kitchen. More meal planning, more healthy options and less pulling something together at the last minute.

So far, it's not been going great. So far, home cooked meals have been few and far between, takeaways and meals-out have been plentiful and the weekly shop hasn't been happening weekly at all.

Not a great start for a resolution made three whole months ago... so this month, I'm making a pledge to be more organised in the kitchen.

Here's the plan...

One of my biggest issues, with being organised in the kitchen, is meal planning and my failure to do it. We too often get into a rut and end up eating the same thing over and over. I recently found a blog post which recommended using a theme for each night of the week (you can find it here) and I'm opting to do something similar. I've chosen very general themes which will be the same every week but which I can easily change if they stop working for us. Our week currently looks like this...

Pasta night.
Rice night.
Something to go in the oven.
Experiment (with new ingredients or recipes).
Pizza night.
Easy night (I'm allowing myself one night a week to have it easy. This will be the takeaway, family meal out or something from the freezer night).
Roast night.

I've decided to do my meal plans every two weeks so I only have to really think about it fortnightly. I will however continue to shop on a weekly basis.

I'm hoping the addition of a meal plan will naturally lead to more healthy choices without us really having to think about it. We're quite lucky in that William loves fruit and vegetables and we already include them daily so we have no issues here.

Waste is however a very big issue and is certainly something I want to deal with during the month. We throw far too much food away at the end of each week and I plan to tackle it head on. More freezing of home cooked meals, more using up leftovers and less buying of fresh food in bulk.

Other points to consider include getting William helping in the kitchen more often, planning his packed lunches more efficiently (I love doing his lunches but possibly spend  too much money when I could be more frugal), using up and working with what's in my dried goods cupboard and buying more locally.

This is a big challenge for me. It's been hard to get myself into a meal planning mind set and overcome my recent reluctance to spend time in the kitchen. All advice, links and thoughts on this topic would be incredibly welcome.

Wish me luck :)

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Above: Tuesday 1st April 2014

April... one quarter of a year has been and gone and Andy has been home for a month already!

This month, I'm looking forward to getting the finishing touches done upstairs... I am so pleased to finally be saying 'there are only finishing touches left'.

The main house project, for the month, will be our front garden (if you can call it a garden). Over the years, this little area has been the centre of a few headaches but we are finally getting it sorted once and for all.

Andy and I will be attending a wedding in the next couple of weeks, meaning a couple of nights on our own whilst Mum & Dad stop at our's. I'm sure William will keep them very entertained.

I'm planning to get on top of my New Year Resolutions. A lot of birthdays to remember in April and I 100% intend to start making an effort in the kitchen from now on (promise).

Easter is, of course, on its way. William has already made his design for his preschool's Easter Egg competition (it's a dinosaur nest) but I can't wait to do lots more Easter crafts and activities when he breaks up for the holidays.

I must mention that as of yesterday, Andy and I have been together 11 years so Happy Anniversary Mr Carr but a massive Happy Anniversary must also be said to my in-laws who have been married 40 years this very month!

All in all, April is feeling pretty full and I'm feeling good about what's to come :)