Dragging my little family around the village on walks, for the sole purpose of taking photos of Creative Flashback makes.

Painting abstract acrylics on paper.

Looking forward to William being on his Summer Holidays from nursery, one more week to go.

Drinking peppermint tea.

Waiting for my sausage casserole to cook after turning the oven off by accident and not realising until 40 minutes into its cooking time. Argh!

Rediscovering Georgia O'Keeffe; 'I thought someone could teach me how to paint a landscape but I never found that person. I had to just settle down and try. I thought somebody could tell me how but I found nobody could. They could tell you how they painted their landscape but they couldn't tell me how to paint mine' - O'Keeffe

Watching final episodes of Penny Dreadful and Vikings, loved both these series.

Finding a nearly ripe strawberry in the garden and watching the runner beans get bigger every day.

Loving this Constellation Scarf DIY. I think I'm going to make me one of these.


  1. I love your abstract painting - so beautiful! We're looking forward to the summer holidays here too! x

  2. Gorgeous post, scrap book of loveliness.

    1. 'Scrap book of loveliness'... love it, thanks Gemma.

  3. Love this picture and love your acrylics on paper, so beautiful, don't give up ;)

  4. What a lovely window into your life, it sounds good!