Making Three Little Pig puppets with paper plates and...

Thinking this print, of the book's theme, is beautiful.

Loving how excitedly William ran into the house today because he'd just found another ripe strawberry and couldn't wait to tell me.

Having a child-free night and not getting home till one in the morning. Seriously, 1am!! That hasn't happened in a long, long time. I was however, super happy when picking-up the little chap from Grandma & Grandad's house.

Enjoying the sunsets.

Waiting for the arrival of passports so we can book a family holiday :)

Getting confused between Masterchef South Africa and Masterchef Canada because Andy is watching them both at the same time. I've made the statement 'oh, they've changed the judges' so many times!

Feeling angry towards whoever broke into my son's preschool, during the last week of term. Who would break-in and trash a preschool??!!

Wanting to go to Southampton to see this exhibition by Dan Perfect and Fiona Rae.


  1. Wow, 1am I am not sure I could stay awake that late ;). How terrible for your son's preschool to be broken in to I do hope the damage was not great.

  2. Love your pigs, they are so cute ! I can imagine the little face of your son when he founds another strawberry, so lovely ;)