in search of romans

Earlier in the month we headed up to the North East of England, visited family and spent a couple of days exploring. I've previously mentioned The Angel of the North and of course Beamish but we also spent a day in Northumberland, tracing part of Hadrian's Wall. 

28 years it's taken me to see part of Hadrian's Wall. I'm a bit of a history geek so it's kind of a big deal and certainly something to tick of the bucket list. At some point in the future, I'd actually quite like to travel the whole length but that's something to consider on another day.

We started at Vindolanda, an Ancient Roman Fort.
The site was incredible. Archaeologists have uncovered huge amounts of the foundations and are still doing regular excavations. You can view some of the finds in the Vindolanda Museum which is nestled within some very quaint looking gardens. The museum was packed with treasures, including bones. William was delighted, to say the least. 

Regular readers may recognize the below picture from The Alphabet Photography Project but this post didn't feel finished without it. Our little Roman Solider. 
Our next stop, after Vindolanda, was the Roman Army Museum with exhibitions about, you guessed it, the Roman Army. 

They had a great little 3D film. William loved it and sat through the whole thing. He was mesmerised by the Eagle (also the narrator) and now knows, without doubt, it is associated with the Roman Army.

If you ever find yourself in the museum, make sure you test out the bow & arrow simulation. I was rubbish!

Finally, on our mini Hadrian's Wall tour, we visited Housesteads Roman Fort.
The views were simply stunning, it's worth the trip for them alone. I think the pictures kind of say it all.

You really don't want to be visiting Housesteads with inappropriate footwear. To get to the site, there's a little wander up a rather steep hill and unfortunately, that isn't our helicopter you see. 

William's little legs gave up whilst going up that hill. He definitely isn't a light little baby any more. Amazing how his energy was magically restored once at the top, flagged when we were walking back down and appeared again as soon as he saw a slide, outside the gift shop ;)

Note to self: if Andy takes William to the toilet we all get ice cream.

For further information about any of the places we visited please click on the links in the post. 


  1. It does look amazing. I've never been but always wanted to. We nearly made it when we were in the north east the other year, but it was still a long way from where we were staying.

  2. Beautiful pictures Debra! This place is amazing. I like the little roman soldier, so cute ;)

  3. Hate to admit this, but have yet to visit the Wall myself. Maybe it is time I did. Share on G+ #pocolo #sofolo

  4. I visited the wall for the first time last year. We camped nearby and visited all these places and more. Evening walks along parts of the wall were among the best bits!

    1. Oh wow, I can imagine the evening walks were unbelievable.

  5. Looks like a great area to explore. I did visit a bit of the wall one year, long before Monkey arrived, when I was in the Lakes on holiday. Would love to explore with Monkey in the future #CountryKids

  6. What an amazing place to visit - full of interesting and historic finds. I can well imagine the views to be breathtaking and I'm sure the ice cream helped to recharge William after his trek. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  7. Amazing pictures, they really bring it all to life. I'm a history buff so would love to visit myself. #countrykids

  8. You always have the most amazing photos and this one is no exception. Ruins are amazing sites to visit as it gives you a view of how it was then. Amazing! #pocolo